RE/MAX Jowic is the market leading Real Estate Company in the Pretoria and Centurion suburbs, consisting of more than 85 Professional Real Estate Agents in 2 Franchise locations, Wierda Park and Irene. 

So what makes us No 1 in Northern Gauteng?  Our success is based on the following 4 principles of Premier Market Presence:

  1. Premier Quality Professionals: RE/MAX attracts the best agents in the Industry because of our unique business model that encourage agents to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. These top agents ensure that RE/MAX Jowic dominates the market in terms of number of listings, sales and market share.
  2. Premier Brand Awareness: When you think Real Estate, you think “RE/MAX”, not only in South Africa, but also in over 90 countries around the world. This powerful brand is strongly represented in the Pretoria and Centurion, with powerful outdoor media presence such as various bus shelters, dustbin advertising and general advertising boards. From our national office, RE/MAX can be seen and heard over Television and Radio advertising ensuring that the RE/MAX brand is constantly top of mind with the consumer.
  3. Premier Market Share: Nobody sells more property in Pretoria and Centurion than RE/MAX Jowic. It’s a fact. With close on 40% Market Share, Consumers see more RE/MAX Jowic “Sold” boards than any other brand. It’s hard not to notice our success.
  4. Premier Community Service: RE/MAX Jowic proudly supports the RE/MAX Foundation and the Reach for a Dream Foundation, and is one of the top supporting RE/MAX offices in the country. RE/MAX Jowic is actively involved in general fundraisers for school events, local social services, Maranatha Bana - a Centre focusing on treating children with cancer and Helpende Hand. We recently adopted The Paul Jungnickel Home for physical and mentally disabled adults and the Kungwini Children’s Home for physical and mentally disabled youth between the ages 14 and 18.


RE/MAX Jowic is a family owned and operated business. Our passion is our associates and the way in which we conduct our business. 

RE/MAX Jowic first opened its doors in 1995, driven by Nic van den Berg, acclaimed RE/MAX SA pioneer and CEO to the remarkably successful Jowic Group. He started his real estate career during 1972 and received multiple awards over the past 35 years as leader. 

Willie van den Berg, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Jowic, and son of Nic van den Berg, joined RE/MAX Jowic in 1997. 

After joining, awards on National and International level came streaming in. Willie and Nic won the International Broker/Owner of the year Award in 1998. This award was never won by any South African Broker/Owner ever until 2012. 

Currently, Willie drives a sales force close to 100 agents focusing on brand building, marketing and recruiting.


I was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1945 at the end of the Second World War, and immigrated to South Africa at the age of three. I completed my 12 year school career in fifteen different schools as my father was a church builder and it took nine months to complete a church, after which we would then move onto the next town. I never had the opportunity to go to university; however accounting was my passion, so I joined a firm of auditors early in 1962. In 1968 I got married and had three children, two sons and a daughter. We lost our eldest son at the age of 28 in a tragic car accident, which had a major impact in our family’s way of life.

On 7 March 1973, I was offered a Volkswagen dealership by one of my clients whose books I kept up to date quarterly and audited once a year. On that day, having R 100.00 in my wallet, we agreed on the terms and without any delay his lawyer drew up the share transfer agreement with R 100.00 deposit and 120 interest-free instalments. There I landed up as the dealer principal, sales manager, salesman, parts and workshop manager and accountant, all in one. I quickly learned what sales and client appreciation was all about. My interest in property started in late 1978. My reasoning was that if I could sell cars, I could sell property. I did my first part-time property sales job that year. During my part-time real estate career I sold a townhouse development, and during 1982, I sold my own dealership to a farmer whose books I did part time. During my 10 years in the motor business I achieved many awards which included two trips to Germany to visit the factories and a few dealerships. We then decided to move back to Nelspruit where I started my own real estate business with one agent who sold us our new home. 

The next 12 years in my real estate career were a learning process with many ups and downs.  As part of another national franchise, we grew to be the number one real estate office in the country and received many awards for leadership and growth. I also had the privilege to serve as the chairman of the National Franchise Board of Directors.  I completed my CRS SA course with Howard Brinton in 1985, joined the Institute of Estate Agents, and completed the requested examination by the Estate Agents Affairs Board. During the late 1980s I spoke at many regional meetings and did motivational training sessions throughout South Africa.

Every year Howard Brinton would mention the growth of RE/MAX in the United States and how their maximum concept became more and more attractive to estate agents when he visited South Africa, . I also had the privilege to visit RE/MAX offices in the United States during my visits to the country in 1991 and 1993. I always believed that estate agents must be paid a bigger portion of the commission and when I heard that RE/MAX launched their maximum concept real estate franchises, there was no doubt in my mind this was the way to go - I joined RE/MAX on 7 July 1995. Due to the fact that my belief and passion was to build a real estate office on the foundation of maximums, I never looked back to the old traditional way of looking at estate agents as employees, but continued to recruit, retain and manage independent contractors (sales associates) and will do so as long as I am blessed with good health and remain the CEO and co-Broker/Owner of the Jowic property group.

After completing his management and marketing diploma at TUT, my son, Willie van den Berg, joined our group in early 1997. Today he is a co-Broker/Owner of the Jowic property group and will be my successor the day I retire. It is a great honour and an achievement to be a pioneer Broker/Owner, a pioneer member of the National Broker/Owner Advisory Council and a trustee of the RE/MAX Foundation. I am proud to be known as Mr RE/MAX in Pretoria since my affiliation to the group in July 1995.

Over the years I have built my offices to become a strong competitor in the market place, without compromising on my Christian principles.  I am a strong believe in community involvement, which is the reason why our offices have given more than R 1,8 million to the Reach for a Dream foundation, the RE/MAX Foundation and other local charities. 

This has made an impact on the lives of many families, as well as the way our sales associates’ operate in the market place. Giving is a reward that money can’t buy, but a way of living and this I what I have shared with many of my fellow Broker/Owners. We do have something special at RE/MAX Jowic offices, Centurion. I have seen lately that fellow Broker/Owners are slowly moving back to a maximum concept office, which is an unbeatable system based on a win/win for all. 

Lastly I believe that I do have the maximum concept experience that can make a difference in the lives of fellow Broker/Owners.

RE/MAX Jowic Achievements

RE/MAX Broker/Owner of the Year - 1995 / Nic

RE/MAX Broker/Owner of the Year - 1996 / Nic

RE/MAX Broker/Owner of the Year - 1997 / Nic

RE/MAX Broker/Owner of the Year - 1998 / Nic

RE/MAX International Broker/Owner of the Year - 1998 / Nic

RE/MAX Broker/Owner of the Year - 1999 / Nic

RE/MAX Good Fellowship award - 1998 / Willie

RE/MAX Top Office with Highest Sales volume - 2000

RE/MAX Eagle Award for outstanding Achievements - 2001 / Nic

RE/MAX Top Office with Highest Sales volume - 2001

RE/MAX Broker/Manager of the Year - 2002 / Willie

RE/MAX  Leadership Award - 2003 / Nic


RE/MAX "Reach for a Dream highest contribution" - 2006

RE/MAX "Reach for a Dream highest contribution" - 2008

RE/MAX "Passion Award - 2009 / Willie & Nic

RE/MAX "Reach for a Dream highest contribution" - 2009

RE/MAX  Broker/Owner of the Year 2010 - Nic

RE/MAX  Pioneer Broker 1995 - 2010 - Nic

RE/MAX "Passion Award - 2011 / Willie & Nic

RE/MAX  Foundation - Platinum Donor - Nic

RE/MAX "Recruiter of the Year" 2011 - Nic & Willie

RE/MAX "Buffini Mentor of the Year" 2012 - Nic